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Hall of Fame $1000+

David and Lori Dielentheis

Steve and Claudia Fischer

Louis and Michele Gentine

Chad and Robin Hamilton

Ken and Joan King

David Kramer

Jeffrey and Kathy Mohr

Dave Sachse

Rob and Andrea Sellinger

Paul and Christine Stenklyft


Producer – $500

Ken and Denise Cornell

Ralph Cowin

Daniel Daun

Thomas Fritsch

Dr. Stephen and Susan Gould

Randall and Judith Hake

Jeff Hermann

John Ross and Joyce Herrmann-Ross

Paul and Lori Jochimsen

Jeff and Jenn Madson

Cole and Cindy Northup

Douglas Heather Pelletiere

Mary Ann Perl

Lynnette and Gregory Rakun

Joan Rudnitzki

Bill Wagner and Jean Schott-Wagner

Judith Zimmermann


Headliner – $250

Richard and Amy Balge

Robert Barr

Dominic Breiter

Victoria and Cathy Davis

Jerry and Jane De Blaey

Cindy Friedl

David Gallianetti

Reggie and Barbara Gauger

Lois and Jim Glodosky

Jennifer and Wade Le Clair-Bemis

Diane Liebenthal

Fred Binkowski and Kim Marggraf

Melanie Mcmurray

Gil and Julie Meinen

George and Donna Menart

Eileen Mockert

Mike and Amy Molepske

Mark and Nancy Neils

Mark and  Laura Nevins

Larry and Gerriann Porter

James and Judy Powers

Edward Prellwitz

Philip D. Reifenberg

Barb Sertich-Kress

Larry and Deb Ter Maat

John and Jodi Werner


Rockstar – $100

Dahlia Alfaro

Nora Allison

Barbara Anderson

Rieck and Sandra Beiersdorf

Robert Beinemann

Anne Berenz

Emile Blasczyk

Kathleen Blaser

Stacey Braatz

Jan Brantmeier

Tom and Tricia Brickley

Jordan and Lanette Brill

Jeffrey and Cathy Britton

Marjorie Bruckmueller

Jo Anne Burris

Myron and Beatrice Buss

Sharrol Butzen

Louis and Joan Cecil

Eugene Conger

Sue Conway

John and Jan Dankwardt

Suzanne Dennis

Joanne Depping Howe

Janine and Nick Dickens

Bobbi Diedrich

Lisa Dipuma-Gonzalez

Judy Dittman

Chris and Connie Donlon

Dennis and Joanne Downing

Brett, Deb and Asha Edgerle

Thomas Peneski and Roberta Filicky-Peneski

Frances Fintzen

Mary Jo McBrearty and Robert Fowler

Gerald T. Frank

Jacob Gerend

Marjorie Giesen

Ben and Rosie Goltry

Michael and Michelle Gonzalez

Bob and Marian Gorges

Gary and Barb Gorr

Robert and Lori Gottowski

Lisa Gottsacker

Angela Olsen and Walter Grauer

Donald and Marge Grimm

Paul and Barbara Gruber

Frank Guth

Tim and Ann Buechel Haack

Dennis and Carol Haefke

Jan Haegler

Lora Hagen

Brian and Jill Hanes

Paul and Janie Hertel

Michael and Chris Hildebrand

John and Ann Howell

Joe Hullin

Jack and Marian Jarvis

Phil and Cheryl Jens

Gerald A. Jones

Eleanor Jung

Robin Kanitz

Thomas Kees

Richard Kieckhafer

Jeanne Klein

Denice and Matt Klett

Charles and Ruth Ann Kolb

Robert and Mary Kulhanek

Lee and Kathy Kunze

Paul and  Diane Lambert

Sara Landgraf

Thomas and Mary Landgraf

Marguerite Langer

Mark and Jody Lapean

Christopher and Randi Larson

Jeff Eisenbooth and Christine Larson

Mary Leahy

Charlotte Liddicoat

Sandra Long

Grace and John Lover

Donna Menzer

Dave and Judy Meves

Gayle Meves

Brian and Teri Meyer

Mary Mickelson

Suzanne Miller

Paul and Helen Morgan

Lynn Mukavitz

Melissa Nall

Bill and Kathy Nelesen

Wayne Neumann

Bob and Kathie Norman

Barbara Parnitzke

Celeste Pauli

Richard and Lois Pauls

James Pawlak and Kathyrn Green Pawlak

Mary Peschke

Barbara Progar

Ron Rabe

Laura Rammer

Margene Reyer

Caroline Richards

Rachel Richardson

Janet Ross

Jonathan and Carol Rost

Amanda Salazar

Karen Schaefer

Laurel Schirmer

Joann Schmidt

Jean Sertich

Janina Siemers

Roman and Dolores Slesrick

Mike and Rose Speckmann

Robert and Catherine Staats

Joseph Stephens

Steve Straus

Edward and Mary Surek

Genevieve Tenpas

Pearl Turner

Mary Lynne Donohue and Tim Van Akkeren

Jim and Cynthia Van Akkeren

Austin Van Treeck

Ken and Alice Walter

Donna Webb

Paul and Rae-Ellen Weber

Ted and Debra Wehrman

Shirley Wilkinson

Casey Wilson

Raquel Wimberly

Ken and Grace Wirth

Dawn Wittig

Denise Ziegler