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Greetings from the Weill Center,

After a performance ends, a single bulb is left burning bright at center stage. This is called the Ghost Light. This centuries-old tradition was meant to illuminate the stage for spirits of past performers to put on a show after hours. Functionally, the light ensures the crew can see to safely cross the stage at the end of the night.

You can help ensure our ghost light will continue to burn bright - honoring our past, safeguarding the theater, and shining a light on the future. Together, we will keep arts and live entertainment vibrant in Sheboygan. Please consider supporting our work to keep the light on this season. 

On behalf of our board, staff, volunteers, patrons, and community, thank you for supporting the Weill Center. 

With gratitude,

Katy Glodosky              
Executive Director        
Weill Center Foundation   


Chad Hamilton             
President, Board of Directors       
Weill Center Foundation